Awesome Tech habits

5 Awesome Tech Routines Everyone Should Adopt

January 19, 2014
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Good Tech habits are not an exclusive responsibility of the nerds and Techies. Technology has literally been adapted to almost every aspect of the modern life.

Therefore to some extent, we are all Techies (The degree is what matters)

Good Tech Habits range from staying secure while online to how to remove clutter from your PC and Smartphone.

Awesome Tech habits

Take Time to organize your PC

Laptops or Desktops will most of the time take the bulk of our tech duties.

You are either using the devices to download your favorite movie or just editing a document to present at a corporate meeting.

Over time, files stored on your PC will get scattered all over your computer hard disk.

Files become fragmented and your browser cache piles up to astronomical levels. Every PC user should take time and on that boring Sunday afternoon or any other appropriate time do a bit of housekeeping.

Freeware programs such as Ccleaner and Defraggler are some of the best PC Apps that fit this purpose.

This not only enhance and maintain the fluid performance of your OS; it also keeps files on your PC neatly organized.

Use More Secure Passwords

A recent study revealed that most people prefer the easy 12345 or QWERTY selection of characters as their passwords while signing up for accounts on various websites.

Such passwords could be easy to remember, but you do so at a huge cost.

You basically are sitting duck for a hacker using a Brute Force Software.To create more secure passwords, give your attention to password managers such as LastPass.

Exercise Some Caution while using Public Wi-Fi

Everyone loves Public Wi-Fi.

You could be connected to one while at the airport as you wait for your flight or while at your favorite coffee joint.

Although convenient, such a service puts a huge compromise to all your sensitive information. Information between your computer and the router is exposed and basic IT knowledge is enough for someone to obtain that info.

Therefore, sensitive data such as Credit Card Numbers, Bank Account Details, and Passwords can easily be harvested for malicious purposes.

To minimize your exposure while using Public Wi-Fi consider encrypting your data while on the network. Hotspot Shield is one of the best programs for this task.

Google More

Yes, that’s actually a positive Tech Habit. How many times have you contacted your local PC repair shop just moments after a device malfunctioned?

At times, a simple restart could make the problem vanish.

The first step should be going online and search on various community forums for any Tech Issues encountered. Not only is it a fast way to solving some of the common tech annoyances, it could save you loads of cash.

Check on your Privacy settings

A large percent of social media users are not sensitive to their privacy setting while online. This tech crime heavily has a very high conviction rate on Facebook and Twitter.

Most users are not aware that intimate aspects of their lives are actually visible to any Tom, Dick and Harry with an internet connection.

Cases of people losing their jobs because of a Facebook post or a Twitter statement are today a very common occurrence.

To avoid awkward moments with your boss over some drunk photo you posted online, consider adopting some stringent moves to protect your privacy online.

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