[image] Aluminum-ion battery

Stanford develops Next-gen battery; it takes just a minute to recharge

April 7, 2015
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Stanford University has developed what looks like the Smartphone battery of the future.

Their new Aluminum-ion battery takes just a minute to recharge, will last a lot longer, will be cheaper and most importantly, will be much safer than the Li-ion batteries that currently powers most Smartphones.

The Aluminum-ion battery can withstand 7,500 charging cycles, compare this to the 1000 charging cycles rating for a typical Lithium-ion battery.

[image] Aluminum-ion battery

Aluminum is cheaper than Lithium and hence the Aluminum-ion battery will be affordable and this will hopefully bring down a smartphone’s Bill of Materials.

The Aluminum-ion battery is also high performance and will unlike the Li-ion battery not burst into flames when it malfunctions.

The Aluminum-ion battery combines an Aluminum Cathode and Graphite Anode plus an ionic liquid electrolyte. All this magic is encased in a flexible (yes flexible) polymer-coated pouch.

The flexibility of the Aluminum-ion battery implies that the Next-gen battery could be the perfect choice for future flexible smartphones.

The notable downside of the Aluminum-ion battery is however, its voltage. The prototype delivers a voltage of 2 volts, which is 1.6 volts less than a typical Li-ion battery.

The development team is optimistic that it will be able to overcome this constraint in the near future.

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