[image]Analysts Predict iPhone 6 sales Drop Due To Galaxy S6 Arrival

Analysts Predict iPhone 6 sales Drop Due To Galaxy S6 Arrival

March 18, 2015
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Apple have had the advantage over the past few months ever since they launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which both saw tremendous success. But that might just be due to very little competition from its arch rival Samsung at the time.

[IMAGE]Analysts Predict iPhone 6 sales Drop Due To Galaxy S6 Arrival

But now with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its family siblings, reputable market analysts say that the sales of the iPhone 6 may take a huge hit. Galaxy S6’s are already showing enormous potential and may soon dethrone iPhone in the sales list.

The analysts say that devices from the Galaxy S6 range have the potential to become one of the main “threats” to Apples market dominance in terms of sales.

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Either way, different analysts still say that they expect the iPhone sales to keep an all-time high even with fresh competition on the block. Some predict up to 50 million iPhone units being sold by the end of Q1.

Even with all this hype on the sales statistics, we still have to wait several months before we can have data from the sales of Galaxy S6 devices and its market performance. But we can keep in mind Samsung broke their own pre-order requests in the week following MWC so there is still a lot of hope.


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