Why an Android Smartphone is like your Girlfriend and an iPhone like your Wife

January 5, 2016
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This post is based on an answer by Nagarajan Rangarajan to the question “What is the single best argument for getting an iPhone instead of an Android?” that appeared originally on Quora.

Since there are so many technical and user experience answers, let me pull a funny one here.


Android is like your girlfriend.

  • You have a wide variety of choices in color, size, specifications and of course the cost which suits your pocket.
  • You can customize it as you wish.
  • So much of like able glitter at the start and as days pass by the response is slower.
  • You can tear it down if you are an expert and put it back (if it doesn’t allow can move on cheaply).
  • With great freedom comes a greater insecurity.

An iPhone is like your wife.

  • It controls you in every aspect.
  • No customizations
  • Comes with a heavy price but lasts longer, much longer.
  • You have to be too good to tear it down be given the cost you mostly won’t if it is yours.
  • Great control results in greater security.

So, it all depends on what stage of life you are and what you expect from your phone.

Having a girlfriend makes sense when you’re young but tying the knot makes more sense as you grow older and this is from my personal experience.

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