[image] Best Smartphones Money Can Buy Ranking (2013)

Best Smartphones Money Can Buy Ranking (2013)

January 13, 2014
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Ranking of Smartphones can be a controversial affair.

In a Tech world full of fan boys with a cult like following to their favorite Tech brands, it is quite tasking to research on which handset stands out as the best gadgets offered for sale.

Using factors such as design, hardware, price, user reviews, operating systems, and sales figures, here is the ranking of the top 5 Smartphones of 2013.

#5: Motorola Moto X

Despite running a stock version of Android, the Motorola X was one of the best phones for the year 2013.

Unique features such as always being on standby to respond to your voice commands and the bigger than life battery capacity won the hearts of many techies.


#4: Sony Xperia ZL

A sequel to the extremely popular, Sony Xperia Z, the Sony Xperia ZL was one of the best handsets from Sony.

The flagship handset comes in an elegant and sturdy frame and to top it up, you could actually go sea diving with the Sony Xperia ZL. Couple that with the super 13MP camera that Sony threw in.


#3 Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was a major 2013 hit by Samsung.

The hyped flagship by the South Korean Tech Giant had sales figures in excess of 40 million and was the benchmark for other numerous Android devices.

However, the phone met the criticism of having too much complex features and a poor build quality due to its polycarbonate frame.

All in all, the phone is among the best devices launched in 2013.

The impressive performance of the Samsung Galaxy S4 inspired the development of its kid brother, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. With such aspects considered, the Samsung Galaxy s4 comfortably earns the third spot on the list.

Best Smartphone Ranking 2013

#2 HTC One

The all-metal design of the HTC One phone melted the hearts of many techies. This was without considering the tons of features that HTC included on their flagship device.

The Full HD display coupled with its proprietary Beats Audio software were just too awesome to ignore.

The phone was the first android phone that could go one on one with the iPhone 5S in terms of perfection of design and a splendid build quality.

Update: The HTC One won the Best Smartphone award at the 2014 Global Mobile Awards.

HTC One Kenya

#1: iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S was the best Smartphone for the year 2013. Apple has the recipe to strike the perfect balance between design and build quality over and over again.

Although almost identical to iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S brought forward some innovative features never seen on a handset such as biometric protection by having a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The under the hood features of the iPhone 5S were also quite impressive and also not forgetting iOS 7 which is dubbed the ‘world’s most advanced mobile OS’ by the Cupertino Tech Company.

Additionally, the phone gave user a glimpse of the future by being the first to bring in desktop-class 64 Bit processor architecture on mobile devices.

The excellent design plus the exceptional device performance added together with a couple of points for ingenuity of design earns the iPhone 5S the first spot on the best Smartphone ranking 2013.

iPhone 5S Kenya


I just had to place the Galaxy Note 3 somewhere in this list. Personally, i feel that the ‘gentle giant’ is more of a Phablet and less of a mobile handset.

Thus, ranking it with the other five above will be kind of bringing a gun to a knife fight. That aside, the Galaxy note is one spectacular device.

Galaxy Note 3+Gear

The stunning 5.7” Super Amoled Display awed many folks, while the nerds loved the device specifically due to its powerful Exynos 5 Octa processor and the cool Galaxy gear that came bundled with the device.

It was finally the solution for those who had not made a decision on whether they wanted a phone or a tablet. Therefore, Samsung gave them a bit of the both worlds through the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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