[image] Charge your Android Smartphone Faster

Four Practical Tips to make your Android Smartphone Charge Faster

November 17, 2014
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Battery stamina is one of the most important aspects of any smartphone. You have to admit that it is awesome to own a smartphone with an amazing battery life. We however, have at some point all experienced those annoying moments when your Smartphone starts pinning for a charger at just the worst moment.

You don’t have the time to re-charge it to 100% and walking around with a dead smartphone is just awkward.

Since your Smartphone lacks some fancy super charging capabilities, you will have to do your best to clone that experience. Here are some practical tips to make your Android Smartphone charge faster.

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[image] Charge your Android Smartphone Faster

Turn Airplane Mode On

Turning Airplane Mode on while charging your Android smartphone will ensure that there is more battery juice flowing in than what is draining out. Airplane mode automatically deactivates all kind of connectivity options such GSM and Mobile data and this is what leads to faster charging.

Activating Airplane Mode could in fact decrease battery charging time by up to 11 minutes when charging to 50%. You can deactivate the Airplane Mode as soon as you have enough charge on your Smartphone.

Turn your Smartphone off

Turning your smartphone off is the best option to recharge your Smartphone faster. There is negligible loss in battery charge while the phone is off as the display, one of the notorious battery drain villain, is inactive. You will be amazed at just how much faster your smartphone will charge when turned off.

Go For the AC outlet

Most Android Smartphones come with a MicroUSB charging port that is compatible with most USB cables. Most are therefore, tempted to charge their Smartphones via a USB port rather than taking the time to plug in to a mains outlet.

A standard USB 2.0 part will deliver about 500mAh of power while an AC outlet can deliver up to 1000mAh of power. An AC port is therefore, your best option if your wish to recharge your smartphone faster.

In cases whereby you are a distance away from an AC outlet, a USB 3.0 port can do as it can deliver power close to what you can get from an AC outlet.

Turn off all Background Applications and unnecessary features

This option is the best for situations whereby you prefer to have your Smartphone on at all times to avoid missing important calls.

Applications that are running in the background are data hogs as well as battery drainers. This is particularly common if you have a smartphone with lots of RAM. You need to turn off all those apps running in the background if you want to charge your smartphone a little bit faster.

This also applies for unnecessary features that are running in the background. Turn off unused connectivity options such as Bluetooth and Sync to conserve the power that is already in the battery.

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