Cubot Note S Unboxing Kenya

Cubot Note S: Unboxing and First Impressions

February 1, 2016
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The Cubot Note S is the latest budget Android Smartphone from Cubot to hit the Kenyan smartphone market.

The Cubot Note S is yet to officially launch in Kenya but is however, currently available for pre-order from

The Cubot Note S will officially launch in Kenya on February 12 , so you should definitely pre-order the smartphone if you wish to be among the first to own the smartphone.

Cubot Note S Unboxing Kenya

The nice guys at offered me a Review Unit (Asante!) and in the next couple of days I will publish a comprehensive review of what the Cubot Note S has to offer.

However, right now, i am all about giving you an early preview of what to expect from the Cubot Note S as well as my first impressions.

Cubot adopted a minimalistic design concept with the packaging.

[image] Cubot Note S Unboxing Kenya.

The Cubot Note S comes in a plain white box that really struggles to arouse your interest.

I mean fancy packaging is often a cool way for smartphone vendors to give their products an early premium appeal but it seems Cubot doesn’t subscribe to that philosophy. However, you get to unbox a smartphone once, and thus the plainness of the packaging is partially a non-issue.

[image] Cubot Note S Unboxing

The contents of the package are also kind of lean since you just have the basic accessories.

[image] Cubot Note S Unboxing Kilimall

What’s inside the box?

  • 1 Cubot Note S
  • AC Charger
  • USB Cable
  • User Guide
  • Silicone Gel Cover
  • Screen Protector

Cubot also took a leaf out of Inifinix Mobility Play Book and does not include a pair of earphones. The choice by smartphone vendors not to include a pair of smartphone is rather controversial but that is a discussion for another day.

Cubot Note S: First Impressions

Cubot ships the 4150 mAh Note S battery inside the smartphone. Therefore, the first thing that you will probably notice about the smartphone is its weight.

[image] Cubot Note S Unboxing Kenya_

I mean, it’s not that heavy, just that it weighs a little bit more than most of the smartphones I have recently used.

Another design aspect that is hard to miss is the metallic-like band that goes around the smartphone. At first sight I could swear that it was metal but once I took a second look, I realized it was actually a fancy poly-carbonate band.

[image] Cubot Note S Unboxing Kenya

Another aspect you will probably also like is the back rubber-like cover. It was a good idea for Cubot to include the rubbery feeling since it helps a lot in enhancing the ergonomics of the smartphone.

The Cubot Note S takes just a couple of seconds to boot and was ready to use soon after the set up. The Cubot Note S display is bright and outdoor visibility was decent.

One more thing, the Cubot Note S ships with a screen protector and a Silicone Gel Cover and thus Cubot already has you covered on that.

My first impression of the Cubot Note S is generally positive and I am very much excited dive deep into exploring everything you would want to know about the smartphone.

Next: Cubot Note S Review 

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