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Cyanogen OS Going Big After Qualcomm Partnership

March 2, 2015
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The birth of Android saw the bridge between high end smartphone holders and the rest of the people become significantly shattered. Then followed the onset of Cyanogen, a “community” Android version that lets those with older phones enjoy newer high end features.

[image]Cyanogen OS Going Big After Qualcomm Partnership

Cyanogen are now gearing towards becoming more corporate and mainstream like Stock Android itself. This is after they partnered with giant chipset manufacturer, Qualcomm.

With this new found love between the two, Qualcomm aims to make Cyanogen OS and the more community-minded CyanogenMod their choice for its new and upcoming processors. They also plan to re-brand due to increased interest by average users.

This partnership is geared towards making the OS more usable with Qualcomm’s chips. Since Cyanogen is now taking a major leap, they have re-branded by abandoning the cute android logos and replacing that with the one above.

CyanogenMod OS always looks stunning when flashed on any android device. The big problem only being that flashing is one of the techiest processes out there.

Although this change may mean that it will shed off some of its cool, it also means Cyanogen will be having a significant market share in the tough world of mobile OS. An added advantage is that the OS is an android derivative and well, Android already has an immense market.


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