Revealed: How Microsoft Mints $2 Billion from Android OEMs

June 17, 2014
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It came as a ‘shock’ to many when it was hinted that Microsoft earns more cash from the Android OS than it does from its popular XBOX franchise. So how exactly does Microsoft mint $2 Billion annually from the Google-owned operating system?

Microsoft has agreements with several Android Smartphone manufacturers that give the Software Giant a cut each time they sell an Android handset. With 4/5 top Smartphone vendors from the latest IDC data  being Android OEMs, the $2 Billion figure adds up.

Previously, it was all a mystery as to the exact patents that Microsoft holds in Android.

However, it is now in the public domain after the Chinese Ministry of Commerce published a list of all the 310 patents behind Microsoft’s $2 Billion passive income.

Even though list sounds exciting, it is in fact something that only a Patent Law expert will really relish on.

The Microsoft Patent list is quite comprehensive and includes both the standard Microsoft patents as well as those that actively used by the Android operating system.

The Microsoft Patent List popped up during the Microsoft Acquisition of Nokia’s Devices division.

Download the Microsoft Patent List



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