Find 7a Software update

Oppo Style begins seeding out the Find 7a Software update

June 18, 2014
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Oppo Style has begun seeding out a Software update for the Oppo Find 7a.

The latest Find 7a update includes;

  • An E-warranty card registration
  • Smart cover Feature
  • New Voiceprint unlock feature
  • Fixed the bug that froze the display after making a call
  • An E-warranty card registration
  • Gets rid of the Power-on sound
  • Fixed the stock music player bug that made the Find 7a unable to search out .ogg audio files
  • Faster transfer speeds while copying multiple small files
  • Better Battery Performance
  • When using powered off the alarm clock, decreased the auto power on time from 2 minutes to 40 seconds before the alarm rings

The above features and fixes come in a 290MB over the air update.

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