Why i think Tablets are Totally Awesome

August 30, 2014
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Tablet Computers are now very common place.

Gone are the days when tablets were exclusively for executives with six-figure salaries. There are now hundreds of great budget tablets in the price range that the majority of Kenyans can afford.

However, before going out to buy a tablet, it is prudent to have a reason why you really need to buy a tablet PC (Ignore this Statement if you are loaded).

I admit that there could be hundreds or thousands of reasons why you need to purchase a Tablet.

I have, however, trimmed that list to include some of the five reasons why you really need to go for a tablet.

#1: Productivity Reasons

With the age of the internet, organizations are now flattened, and corporate walls are literally becoming non-existent. Free productivity tools such as Dropbox and Skype allow employees to work from anywhere on the planet.

Laptops are fine, but tablets make them look old school. Tablets are lighter, can last days and most importantly, get stuff done quickly. Waking your laptop up from its sleep state to send an email eats into your hours compared to a few taps on your always-on tablet computer.

#2: A Penchant For Large Screens

Most folks like their toys bigger and better.

However, as much you like having a Phablet that makes you look awkward when making/receiving calls, it just looks awkward answering calls on a Smartphone that covers half your face.

Therefore, instead of investing on a Smartphone that makes it impossible for you to wear your favorite skinny jeans, think smaller but better.

You can choose to have a mid-sized smartphone and purchase a tablet with the largest display you can carry.

#3: Entertainment

Smartphones are now one stop entertainment hubs.

Smartphones are sort of optimized for music playback and not that much for video playback. A 1080p music video may look good on your mid-sized smartphone, but the clarity of a 10.1 inches HD display will completely blow you away.

Apart from the obvious screen size advantage, battery stamina also comes in play. You can easily do a movie or series marathon on a tablet computer before it starts pining for a charger.

#4: School

Tablets are perfect for students. This is a reason why many retailers run promotions that specifically target students. The portability aspect of tablets is a reason enough why you as a student may require the devices.

Unlike laptops which are most of the time bulky and susceptible to mechanical damage, tablets can take quite a beating, and you can survive easily survive a semester with a busted tablet display compared to a beat down laptop that won’t turn on after a fall.

The most important aspect is that you can always carry your tablet in your backpack and get it ready for action when you detect crazy internet speeds.

#5: You like Reading Stuff

A laptop is less of an interactive tool for reading text. It gets boring with time to scroll through a document. This creates the need for you to consider a tablet.

Most texts are now available in .pdf, and you can thus easily catch up on some reading anytime you get some time.

As a matter of fact, you can now read digitized newspapers for free* in Kenya and avoid prematurely aging yourself by walking around town with a dog-eared Newspaper clutched under your armpit.

Bonus: You will look cool

Tablets kind of emit this awesome vibe and you will generally look cool flashing around a tablet PC next time you are out with friends.

Kevin is a Passionate Technology Enthusiast and the Lead Writer at MobiTrends. He has been writing about Smartphones and Mobile Technology since 2012. Drop him your comments below :)

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