Galaxy Note 4 Gets OTA Lollipop Update In India

April 2, 2015
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Ok, we know that the Note 4, as brilliant as it is came in with a stock KitKat 4.4 covered up under Samsung’s overly famous TouchWiz UI. But soon after the update started rolling out starting with the big fish first.

[image]Galaxy Note 4 Gets OTA Lollipop Update In India

Well it’s now time for India to enjoy the benefits of the update to 5.0.1. The Note 4 landed in India in October last year.

The siblings to the Note 4, The Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S5 both received their OTA update to Lollipop last month in India and now Note 4 follows suit.

Lollipop promises to bring some incredible new features to the already feature packed Galaxy Note 4. It has that all-new Material design feel to it.

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It also brings some quick lockscreen notifications plus a significantly enhanced performance and resource management. All this coupled with its smart feel add up to a beautiful finish.

The update is a chunky one though. You will have to lose a minimum of 950MB. You still need to have at least 4GB free space to proceed with the update, says Samsung.

The update itself is a little over 1GB at 1030.25MB. Soon it will also be available via Kies for the Samsung Loyalties.


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