Samsung ranked as the #1 smartphone brand, Xiaomi is #5

February 19, 2016
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The latest report by market research firm, Gatner, ranks Samsung as the most popular smartphone brand.

The Seoul based technology giant shipped over 84.5 million smartphones in the last three months of 2015 giving it an impressive 20.7% market share. This is a slight improvement from the 19.9% market share the smartphone had over the same period in 2014.

[image] Gatner Q4 2015

Apple shipped 71.5 Million smartphone units in Q4 2015, the company is now ranked #2, a drop from the #1 spot the Cupertino-based tech company held over the same period in 2014. Apple currently has a 17.7% market share.

Huawei is ranked #3 with an 8.0% market share, Lenovo (+Motorola) is ranked #4 enjoys a 5.0% market share. Xiaomi is #5 and holds a 4.5% market share, a drop from the 5.1% share the company had in Q4 2015.

Gatner Q4 2015

Android is still the undisputed mobile operating system with a massive 80.7% market share. iOS comes a distant second with a 17.7% market share. The Windows Phone Operating system has a 1.1% market share, down from the 2.8% market share the OS had in Q4 2014.

Blackberry has a 0.2% market share, an embarrassingly low market share that is likely to get even lower considering that the Canadian Smartphone vendor is working on expanding its line of Android Smartphones.

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