[Image] Google Contact Lenses

Google Files Patent for Smart Contact Lenses

July 26, 2014
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Google has filed a patent for futuristic contact lenses with an Embedded Iris and Capacitive Sensors. This is the second time this year that Google is showing interest in tapping the use of Smart Contact lenses.

Google had in the previous months filed a patent for the use of micro cameras in the contact lenses, and the latest move goes ahead to confirm that the Search Engine Giant means business.

[Image] Google Contact Lenses

The use of capacitive sensors implies that the lenses will be in direct contact with the eyes and thus making biometric authentication possible.

Whilst the previous patent was more about the use of the smart contact lenses for health and fitness purposes, the latest patent focuses on the use of contact lenses for security purposes.

So how exactly will the Google contact lenses work?

Light Rays hit the iris in your eye.

The light sensors in the contact lenses will detect the light rays. The sensors capture the light rays as they bounce back, and in the process construct the pattern of your iris.

The iris pattern just like a fingerprint, is unique and thus, the Smart Contact Lenses can confirm your identity.

The capacitive sensors play the part of measuring the thickness of your eyelid and the moisture level in your eyes. This will enable the contact lenses adjust the reading to reflect the actual state of your eyes.

The potential use of Smart Contact Lenses is unlimited. Privacy concerns, however, features prominently every time Google and Contact Lenses are mentioned in a sentence close to each other.

But hey, you have to admit that this is one sweet concept!

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