[image] Google Inc. is now Alphabet Company, A is now for Android

Google Inc. is now Alphabet Co., A is now for Android

August 11, 2015
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Google is one of the most popular internet companies on the planet. It is in fact almost impossible to picture the internet without the search engine giant.

Well Google has now restructured and instead of having its parent company as Google Inc., the company is officially Alphabet Company.

The restructuring to Alphabet according to Larry Page, Google’s co-founder, is a move to create a clean and more accountable company.

The restructuring makes a lot of sense as Google now has tens of subsidiaries and is on track to becoming a powerful conglomerate. It was thus important to adopt a neat structure that makes it easy to track the different projects under taken subsidiaries.

The core Google services such as Search, Android, Ads and YouTube will remain under Google while the more ‘volatile’ subsidiaries as Calico and Google X will now be individual subsidiaries under Alphabet.

The image below courtesy of usatoday.com, explains the restructuring in the simplest way possible.

[image] Google Inc. is now Alphabet Company, A is now for Android

As you can see, you shouldn’t expect much change on the Google products that regularly use.

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