Google Web Light will minimize your Data bundle usage by up to 80%

June 15, 2015
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Did you know that slow internet speeds ranks at #9 on the list of the most 100 annoying things on Earth?

Nobody likes slow internet speeds and Google has always advocated for the importance of a faster web. As part of that mission, the Software Giant has unveiled Google Web Light.

Google Web Light is a nifty web service that shows faster and optimized web pages to users of its search service on a slow internet connection.

[image] Google Web Light

Right now the Google Web Light service works on select emerging markets where it is needed the most.

How does Google Web Light work?

The service converts web pages into a simpler and lighter form automatically after detecting slow internet speeds.

The optimized page still has the majority of the relevant content and the service will provide a link for you to view the original content.

How is Google Web Light relevant to you?

The Google Web Light will provide Billions of users on slow internet speeds a faster and cheaper way to access the information they need.

The service is critical in developing nations, especially in Africa and some parts of Asia, where fast and reliable internet access is still considered an expensive luxury.


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