HTC One M8 [Windows] vs. HTC One M8 [Android]

August 22, 2014
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The HTC One M8 [Windows] is a recently launched WP 8.1 Smartphone and is a variant of the original One M8.

Both the Android and Windows Phone OS run flawlessly on the device, and it is all a matter of preference when deciding to choose between the two Smartphone.

However, a recent report showed that the HTC One M8 [Windows] performed extremely well in a recent battery life test when compared to the Android version.

This single ‘revelation’ kindles some curiosity on just what separates the twin devices.

Here is a comparison video to feed your curiosity.

The video takes you through the different features of the One M8 [Windows] and the One M8 [Android].

The video is all courtesy of the awesome techies at Pocket Now.


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