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Huawei’s Quick Charge technology guarantees a 48% charge in 5 Minutes

November 16, 2015
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Smartphone batteries are getting bigger and due to that reason, it now takes a little bit longer to recharge our smartphones.

This constraint brings forth the annoyance of having to wait for ages before your smartphone recharges and this can be super frustrating especially when you were in a hurry.

[image] Aluminum-ion battery

Well, Huawei is working on a revolutionary quick charge technology that can guarantees to charge 3000 mAh battery to a 48% battery level in just five minutes.

A 3000mAh battery is a large capacity by current standards and thus the technology can work wonders if used on a battery with a smaller battery capacity. For instance, Huawei was able to achieve a 68% charge on a 600 mAh battery in just 2 minutes.

The technology is however, still at a prototype phase and thus it will take a bit of time until it become commercially available to smartphone users.

It is however, very exciting that we could achieve a 100% charge level in the less than 10 minutes in the not so distant future.

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