Infinix Alpha Marvel (X502) Quick Specifications and Price in Kenya

Infinix Alpha Marvel (X502) Quick Specifications and Price in Kenya

April 19, 2014
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The Infinix Alpha Marvel one of the best mid-range in the Kenyan Smartphone market. Prior to its launch in Kenya, the Alpha Marvel had already launched in other select emerging Smartphone markets in North Africa.

The Infinix brand is still a greenhorn when compared to other established brands such as Samsung and Nokia and is yet to deepen its roots in the Kenyan Smartphone market. It is, however, worthwhile to mention that the Infinix brand was what was formally known as Sagem.

The Sagem brand was an extremely popular brand in Kenya during the infancy stages of the mobile industry. Sagem wound up its telephony operations a while back but like the proverbial phoenix, is now back with a bang but now branded as Infinix.

The Infinix Alpha Marvel has a hype that closely mirrors that of the Techno Phantom A. Majority of Kenyans dislike splashing a lot of mulla on their Smartphones.

Therefore, any device that with a decent price tag and some equally decent specifications [kindly note the order], will most likely be a crowd favorite in Kenya.

Enough with the biz talk, let’s strip down this hunk and marvel at the Infinix Alpha Marvel specifications.

Infinix Alpha Marvel (X502) Quick Specifications and Price in Kenya

Alpha Marvel Tech Specifications

Frame Size: 147 x 72.1 x 6.98 mm

Display: 5 Inches

Display Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels

Resolution Density: 320 ppi

CPU: 1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor Mediatek processor


Operating System: Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean

Connectivity: WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0

Internal Memory: 16GB

Card Slot: Yes

Rear Camera: 13MP [Auto Focus]

Front Facing Camera: 5MP front camera

Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh Li-ion Battery


Flashy Warranty Card

Smart Case

 Techie Talk

The Infinix Alpha Marvel is definitely worth the hype. We are talking of massive 5 inch screen, a Quad-Core CPU and some 16 GB of internal memory. Just those specs scream premium and give some premium brands in the market a serious run for their cash.

A 16GB of internal memory was something that was notably missing in the Techno Phantom A. Plenty of internal memory goes hand in hand with the CPU power. It will make little sense to have all that power at your disposal while at the same time not able to install ‘heavy’ applications and games.

The use of a MediaTek processor rather than the pricier Qualcom CPUs, was a fantastic strategy to create a powerful but still yet affordable handset.

Infinix Alpha Marvel (X502) Quick Specifications and Price Kenya

Flipping the review coin, one conspicuous fail with the Alpha Marvel, is the below average display. A 720p resolution on a 5 inch display is a tech felony.

This is more like the 720p resolution found on the ginormous 6 inch display of the Nokia Lumia 1320.  However, creating an amazing budget handset is no joke. Juggling what to be generous on and what to be mean about, greatly influences whether a device will be a hit or a flop.

Everything else looks perfect, but as a typical Kenyan, I just have to complain more. Hey, Infinix, Android Kit Kat out of the box would have been awesome.

Why you should buy The Infinix Alpha Marvel (X502)

Large Display

Powerful CPU

Amazing Camera Experience

Larger Than Life Battery Life

First Rate Warranty Service

Cons of the Infinix Alpha Marvel

Low Screen Resolution Density

Missed the KitKat Ship

Rivals of the Infinix Alpha Marvel

Competitors of the Infinix Alpha Marvel includes the Techno R7, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Nokia Lumia 1320.

Check this out: Tecno R7 vs. Infinix Alpha Marvel (X502)

Price in Kenya

The Infinix Alpha Marvel has a suggested retail price of Ksh 29,999 in Kenya.

Buy from Jumia Kenya

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  • john Kennedy ochieng

    I need a screen for my infinix X502 got can u contact or just call +254725275034

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  • Mudora Samira Mudora

    where can i get its manual online?

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  • Boniface Gatimu

    is the infinix alphar marvel x502 MHL enabled

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  • Edel

    Av heard so many complains with this phone( Infinix Alpha Marvel X502) , it hangs, over heats and even shuts down unexpectedly..My friends tell me its not long lasting ..Please advice.

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    • Hi Edel,

      That’s interesting. I too have heard some complaints about the Alpha Marvel X502. I would advise you may be go for a Smartphone from more a established brand that you think is the best fit for you.

      But the annoyances you have listed above are common in most phones and it could be less about the hardware of the device and more about a software bug in the operating system. Yet again, Smartphones are not created equal.

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