A week with the Infinix Hot 2 X510: What i don’t like about it

September 26, 2015
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The Infinix Hot 2 is an awesome budget smartphone. However, saying that it is perfect, will simply be a silly lie.

A couple of annoyances will pop up once you make the smartphone your daily driver.

Here are some three major Infinix Hot 2 X510 annoyances that make its less awesome.


#1: Software Bugs

The Infinix Hot 2 runs a pure version of Android 5.1. This a great thing considering that it makes the smartphone fast and that the Hot 2 will receive the Android 6.0 update once Google begins seeding it.

However, the operating system has a number of bugs. For instance, the smartphone has for a couple of times frozen and becomes completely unresponsive.

Also, another annoyance I have spotted is that the smartphone might deny you access to your files once you activate the multi-user option. You will be able to access your files using the other user accounts but not the default one.

I had to factory reset the smartphone to get rid of this bug.

#2: Display

If you have gone through my review of the smartphone, I did not that the smartphone has a TFT LCD display as opposed to an IPS LCD one. This makes the smartphone display look weird when it’s off as well when in operations.

Outdoor visibility is great but the viewing angles of the display are embarrassing. The display also lack a protective coating making it a magnet for scratches as well as smudges.

#3: Complicated

I wanted the pure Android OS experience but I am not sure if i really needed it. The Infinix Hot 2 is the first budget smartphone in Kenya to feature a stock version of Android.

Therefore, early adopters have to deal with how to find this and that. For instance, Google services such as Play Music and Photos replace applications such as Music and Gallery App respectively.

I remember one of my reader was particular furious that the smartphone has no third party Gallery App, a feature most smartphone users are accustomed to.

You will have a lot of trouble navigating through the Infinix Hot 2 and might even feel hopeless on how you will locate the images your colleague just sent to you via Bluetooth.

Kevin is a Passionate Technology Enthusiast and the Lead Writer at MobiTrends. He has been writing about Smartphones and Mobile Technology since 2012. Drop him your comments below :)

  • Karleb, It is

    By now you already know I am an avid reader of your articles. May I input my experience on the same? Since purchasing this phone, It updated the OS once, still the 5.1 and I think this was to fix bugs. Haven;t experienced the first issue you have had with it, maybe am lucky, or not a heavy user.
    Will have to agree with you on the 2nd and 3rd issue. At some point I couldn’t make out what is displaying on my screen while on outdoors since the brightness was set to minimum.
    Overal, it is so stripped down on features almost killing the whole excitement of the Android Lollipop experience. Maybe the Marshmallow will be better? Perhaps. Will wait up :-)

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    • Hi Karleb,

      Yeah, you are basically a co-author of my posts.

      First thanks for your input. I too updated the smartphone as soon as i received it. On the bugs, often the experience is not uniform to everyone and possibly it could be specific to my unit.

      The Infinix Hot 2 is a great smartphone but once users start asking where to view the images they just captured, you realise that the leanness of the operating system could also be a demerit.

      But otherwise, i really like the smartphone.

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  • jay

    hi my infinix hot 2 front camera is so slow sometimes not opening is it software problem or hardware

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    • Hi Jay,

      That is tricky to decode. But the first thing to do is generally refresh the camera App. Setings> Applications>All> Camera> Clear Data> Clear Cache

      If that does not fix the issue, a factory reset often gets rid of any software issues. If after the factory reset the problem persists, then you probably have a hardware problem.

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  • Kυgαr

    Kevin Kimani

    Thanks much for this post bruh ????
    I had tensed up about the first issue,
    , knowing that my lil sibling had damaged my internal storage

    How do you really come over this problem, I can only view my files in the guest’s

    Thanks ✌✌

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    • Hi Kugar,

      That is in fact one of the most common problems of the Infinix Hot 2. I can’t really decode the reason behind the bug.

      However, the simplest way is to clear the bug is to perform a factory reset and not activating the guest mode. That worked for me. My Infinix Hot 2 has received a number of OTA but i am not sure if the updates deal with the bug.


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