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3-Minutes Review: Infinix Zero 2

June 18, 2015
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The Infinix Zero 2 is a recently launched budget smartphone that offers a selection of Flagship grade features at a budget price.

The smartphone is an upgrade of the Infinix Zero, another budget smartphone that launched about a year ago.

Here is what the Infinix Zero 2 has to offer.

[image] Infinix Zero 2 Price in Kenya

Infinix Zero 2 Technical Specifications


Display Size: 5.0-inch

Display Type: Amoled

Screen Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels

Screen Resolution Density: 294 ppi

Screen Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 3

The Infinix Zero 2 features a 5.0 inch 720 x 1280 pixels Amoled display. The display size is exactly similar to what you will find on the Infinix Zero. The fact that it is an Amoled display is kind of a big deal.

Amoled Displays possess some significant advantages over IPS LCD displays and thus it is awesome that Infinix chose the display technology for the Zero 2.

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The Infinix Zero 2 also has a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 layer to shield the display from scratches.

Screen protection is a feature that is often missing on budget smartphones, and its presence on the Infinix Zero 2 separates the smartphone from its rivals.


[image] TheNextHero Infinix Zero 2 Specifications

Frame Dimensions: 140 x 70 x 6.7 mm

Weight: 118 g

The Infinix Zero range is predominantly about design. The Infinix Zero 2 has one of the best design concepts found on a smartphone.

You get a candy bar design with well-rounded corners and, get this, a Kevlar Rear cover. Yeah, Kevlar, the high tensile but lightweight material popularly used in the manufacture of Bullet-Proof vests.

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The use of Kevlar will not only improve the durability of the smartphone but is also a strong aesthetic advantage.


Operating System: Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

CPU: 2.0 GHz Octa-Core


Internal Memory: 16/32 GB

Micro SD: Yes, up to 32 GB

A 2.0 Ghz CPU powers the Infinix Zero 2. This is coupled with some 2 GB RAM. This is a great blend by all standards and it makes the Infinix Zero 2 a beauty with brains.

However, what I didn’t like about the Infinix Zero 2 is that the smartphone runs Android 4.4.2 Kitkat out of the box. An option to upgrade to Android 5.0 might soon be available, but it would have been better if the Infinx Zero 2 ran the latest version of Android.

Other than that, you get 16/32 GB for your files and a Micro SD slot that can support micro SD cards of up to 32 GB.


Rear Camera: 13 MP

Secondary Camera: 5 MP

LED Flash: Yes

The Infinix Zero 2 has a 13 MP Rear camera and a 5 MP snapper for your selfies. This is currently the best camera profile that you will find on an Infinix Smartphone (Infinix Hot Note Pro boasts of something similar)

Battery and Extras

Battery Capacity: 2300mAh

You get a 2300mAh battery capacity with the Infinix Zero 2. This is an impressive battery capacity but it’s still not as impressive as the massive 4000 mAh battery found on the Hot Note X551.


Dual SIM


When the Infinix Zero (the first one) first launched, it took the market by storm. The Infinix Zero 2 is now here with us and I do predict that the smartphone will be an instant hit once it lands in Kenya.

The design of the Zero 2 is super impressive and it is great that Infinix invested lots of time (and probably massive resources on that). Its performance profile is equally impressive and the Infinix Zero 2 will simply be the smartphone that every budget smartphone buyer wants.

Why you should buy the Infinix Zero 2

Great Design

Powerful Performance Profile

Impressive Camera Profile

Cons of the Infinix Zero 2

Runs Android KitKat 4.4

Rivals of the Infinix Zero 2

Rivals of the Infinix Zero 2 include Tecno Boom J7 and Microsoft Lumia 535.

Price in Kenya

The Infinix Zero 2 has a suggested retail price of Ksh. 19,999 in Kenya.

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  • manu

    Superb phone. Waiting for the hands-on review!

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  • Frankenstein

    Hi Kevin, are you sure about the planned update to lollipop or is someone stuck with kitkat…

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    • Hi Frankenstein,

      That am not 100% sure. But the Infinix Hot Note, a phone that launched earlier than the Zero 2 already has the Lollipop update.

      So it is probable that will happen.

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  • Mary Kamau

    I got the zero 2 on Monday and on Tuesday I started having issues…the phone just hangs… Screen blank..unless you cold boot. Took it to the dealers and apparently am not the only one..someone else had brought hers with the same problem

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    • Hi Mary,

      Interestingly someone reached out to me regarding the same software issues a couple of days ago.

      So, truly you are not alone. It is really embarrassing that such a smartphone has what could possibly be cleared with an update.

      Let’s wait and see how Infinix will deal with the issue.

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      • Mary Kamau

        So its something to do with software? I went to the dealers today they said its a sensor that’s supposed to be changed. Am not even sure of what’s wrong with it. It not even a week old. I feel robbed

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        • Hi,

          Yeah, from the numerous complaints i have received, the main issue was to do with the software.

          However, yours could be unique and it could in deed have to do with a faulty sensor.

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