iPad sales are Decreasing steadily

March 13, 2015
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Apple’s iPad tablet has only been out for about five years, but recent studies are showing that the iPad may already be on the decline.

Tech Consultant Company IDC predicts that iPad sales will decrease through the rest of this year, and possibly even until 2019.

[image] iPad sales are decreasing steadily

Sales of the iPad fell in 2014 as well, making 2013 the best year for iPad s. Sales for 2015 are predicted to be down about 5% from 2014. The iPhone has been the industry standard for smartphones, but sales are showing that it isn’t the case for Apple’s tablet.

Apple only owns about 29% of the tablet industry, and by the end of the year they are only expected to own 26%. By 2019, they’re only expected to own 23% of the market.

One of the current theories about the decrease in tablets is that smartphones are getting so big that they are only a couple inches smaller than their tablet counterparts.

Why buy a tablet when you can buy a phone an inch or two smaller with more capabilities?

Apple is rumored to be working on an even bigger tablet that they’re expected to launch this fall in attempt to gain some sales.

This will be more geared towards business customers. At this point, though, it isn’t looking good for them.

Source: CNN

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