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Meet the Kyocera Proteus, the shape shifting Smartphone

November 3, 2014
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Samsung attracted lots attention after it launched the Galaxy Note Edge, a premium smartphone with a curved display. Well, as cool as that was, the Kyocera Proteus is a smartphone that takes that bending challenge to the extreme.

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[Image] .Kyocera Proteus

Kyocera showcased the flexible smartphone concept at CEATEC Expo in Japan.

[image] Kyocera-Proteus

The Kyocera Proteus is can bend flawlessly and transform itself into a Smartwatch that loosely fits your arms. The Proteus can also stand upright and fit in your palm just like any other Smartphone.

The Kyocera Proteus also comes with inbuilt biometrics that can measure your vitals such as your heart rate and the level of your activities such as when jogging or running. The Kyocera Proteus is still in its development phase and it will take the use of several technologies to make it a commercial idea.

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