Sony Planning to Introduce Cheap Water Resistant Smartphones

Leaked: Sony Planning to Introduce Cheap Waterproof Smartphones

May 12, 2014
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Water resistance is one of the trending features for premium Smartphones. Sony began the trend with the Xperia Z1 and is now looking to expand its water resistant line further by introducing cheaper waterproof handsets.

The attempt at the producing entry level water resistant devices will be a second shot after Sony launched the Xperia Go about two years ago.

The leak came from an unnamed Sony Mobile supply chain partner in Taiwan. Sony plans to source cheap components from Taiwanese manufacturers to achieve an entry level price for the waterproof devices.

Sony Planning to Introduce Cheap Water Resistant Smartphones

The move is seen by industry experts as an attempt to break into the emerging Smartphone markets in some parts of Asia and Africa. Entry Level handsets are kind of a big deal in such markets, and it is one of the most cost effective ways to grab some significant market share from competitors.

The waterproof handsets are expected to be priced for less than 200 USD, a price that will be appealing to Smartphone buyers on a budget.

It is also rumored that Samsung and Lenovo have similar plans in the pipeline. It will therefore, be interesting to see which between the three Tech Giants will win the race.

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Smartphone users thirsty for the cheap Sony water resistant Smartphones shouldn’t start holding their breath quite yet as the handsets are slated for release later on in 2015.


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