[image] Lenovo SmartBand Launch Eminent

Lenovo SmartBand Launch Eminent

October 27, 2014
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Lenovo is gearing up to launch its first wearable device, the SmartBand. The Lenovo SmartBand made a visit to the FCC and is already up on Lenovo’s official website.

The Lenovo SmartBand has SmartBand SW-B100 as its model number and it is very likely that it would launch by the end of 2014.

[image] Lenovo SmartBand Launch Eminent


Contrary to what most had expected, the Lenovo SmartBand will not run Android Wear. Instead, the SmartBand will run a custom operating system that targets the segment of wearable market that is interested in health and fitness.

The Lenovo SmartBand will mostly target younger users who would like to track their personal health and have that data seamlessly log automatically to their PC. The Lenovo SmartBand will log the fitness data without the need of logging into their computer.

In addition to that, the Lenovo SmartBand will be able to tracksteps taken, distance covered, heart rate and the calories burnt in the process. Also, unlike the Xiaomi MiBand, SW-B100 can be used as a timepiece as well as being able to connect to your Android or iOS device and provide call, texts and social media alerts.

The highlighted feature of the Lenovo SmartBand is its auto lock feature that gives the user the option to lock and unlock their computer automatically.


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