[image]LG Announces Curved Screen G Flex 2 for Global Rollout

LG Announces Curved Screen G Flex 2 for Global Rollout

February 25, 2015
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LG are not much known for their smartphones rather for their other home based machinery like smart TVs and fridges. But when it comes to the world of digital screens technology, they stand at the forefront.

[image]LG Announces Curved Screen G Flex 2 for Global Rollout

They have announced today the global rollout of their second curved screen Android smartphone named G Flex 2. G Flex 2 was only released for sale a month ago at the Consumer Electronics Show.

LG says that the first to receive the new smartphone will be the major global carriers in the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, France and Germany.

The major markets in North and South America, Europe and Asia will follow with their carriers starting sales in the weeks following MWC, which will close on March 5th

For those who cannot wait for their home carriers to receive the device, LG were kind enough to make it available in their home in South Korea where they launched last month. A shipping will do the trick

In the UK, it is already available for pre-order and is about to hit sales in Singapore on March 14th. Sprint is the mentioned carrier in the US that will be delivering the device to customers by March 13th


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