[image] LG G4 could sport a 3K display

LG G4 could sport a 3K display

February 2, 2015
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A recent Pocket-Lint report points to the LG G4 sporting a 3K display.

The report cites a user agent profile sent to MyLgPhones for a device tagged as the LG-VS999.

[image] LG G4 could sport a 3K display

The LG G3 boasts a 2560×1440 pixels resolution, which is one of the best smartphone resolution displays around. A 2880×1620 resolution display on the G4 does sound a bit of an extreme, but is very much probable.

LG was among the first Smartphone vendor to use a 2K display on its flagship smartphone. A 2K display was rumored for the LG G3 months before it launched, and the reports eventually turned out to be true.

A 3K display on the G4 could be what LG needs to set their 2015 flagship smartphone steps ahead of the competition.

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