[Image] List of Smartwatches in Kenya

The Five Smartwatches you can buy Right now in Kenya

August 29, 2014
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Smartwatches are some of the most popular wearables in the market.

The Smartphone wearable market is booming, and industry watchers predict an exponential growth of the market in 2014.

Time is, therefore, just right for Smartphone buyers to check out what Smartwatch offerings they can get.

Samsung and some other few market players such as Sony currently dominate the wearable market. This list, therefore, focuses on the Smartwatches popular in the country.

Apple is showing some serious interest in the market segment, and the Smartwatch frenzy is expected to hit an all-time high once the iWatch is launched.

LG and Motorola are also dancing to this beat and you should expect the G Watch and the Moto 360 to land in the country soon [They might already be here].

Also, Asus is working on a budget Smartwatch, and that one should be popping out soon.

Here is the list of the Five Smartwatches you can buy in Kenya right now.

[Image] List of Smartwatches in Kenya

Samsung Gear 2

The Samsung Gear 2 is one of the most popular Smartwatch in the market. The Gear 2 is perfect for anyone seeking the first time Smartwatch experience.

The stand out features of the Samsung Gear 2 include an Amoled display plus Water & Dust resistance certification.

The drawback of the Samsung Gear 2 is that it is only compatible with a handful of Samsung Android devices. Check if your device is in the Galaxy Gear 2 compatibility list before checking it out at a store near you.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Specifications Overview

Samsung Gear 2 Price in Kenya: Ksh 31,449

Samsung Gear Fit

Smartphones have with time become sort of our digital assistants.

No longer are Smartphone exclusive tools of communications as they have evolved to become the perfect way to keep fit.

The Samsung Gear Fit is perfect for anyone who is enthusiastic about keeping fit on the go. You can use the Gear Fit to monitor your vitals such as heart rate or simply use it to track your Jogging Schedule.

The Gear Fit is light weight, has great battery stamina, and just what you may need to keep the doctor away.

Check out the Samsung Gear Fit Specifications Overview

Samsung Gear Fit Price in Kenya: Ksh 19 ,999

Samsung Galaxy Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is the original version of the Gear 2.

The Galaxy Gear was complimentary of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but you can also get it as a standalone product.

Unlike the Galaxy Gear 2 that runs the Tizen operating system, the Galaxy Gear runs Android 4.2.2 out of the box. Other than that, there are no major differences between the Gear and the Gear 2.

The Galaxy Gear is perfect for someone for folks specific about the aesthetics of a Smartwatch. Unlike the Gear 2 that looks all Smooth and refined, the Gear 2 looks rugged (Manly) and simply imposing.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Price in Kenya: Ksh 24,999

Xtouch Smart Watch Wave

Ever heard of the Xtouch X3?

The Xtouch Smart Watch Wave is the companion Smartwatch for the X3. The Smartwatch is more of a substitute to the Gear 2 as they are roughly in the same price range.

The highlight of the XTOUCH Smart Watch Wave includes its 600 mAh battery plus the 3.0MP primary camera.

Xtouch Smart Watch Wave Price in Kenya: Ksh 19,999

Xtouch XWatch 02

The XTOUCH XWatch 02 is one of the cheapest Smartwatch you can get in Kenya. The Smartwatch is perfect for anyone seeking just the basic from a Smartphone.

The highlight features of the XTOUCH XWatch 02 includes a Micro-SIM slot and a 350 mAh battery.

Xtouch XWatch 02 Price in Kenya: Ksh 6,999


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