[Image] my android phone is slow

Here is How to fix your Slow Android Smartphone

July 30, 2014
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A Slow Smartphone is one of most common annoyance. The Android Operating system is awesome, but it will with time become slower.

Apps will take ages to open up, and you will have that awkward moment of having to wait a couple of seconds before saving the number of the cute girl you met at your favorite joint.

You will look back in time to the blissful moments when you had first unboxed your handset, and your Smartphone could accomplish the complex of tasks in a split of a second. You would wish to bring those good old days back.

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Fortunately, you can fix the annoyance of a slow Android Smartphone. It is worth noting that at times the issue could with some of your hardware components becoming inefficient as they age.

[Image] my android phone is slow

However, in most instances, the software setup that could the culprit behind the extra load to your system resources. This could be a causative factor leading to the slowdown of your Smartphone.

Check out these four quirky tips to fix your Slow Android Smartphone.

Apps running in the background

You are most likely to install new apps as time progresses. Some have a start up setting, and hence, they will load up without your knowledge each time you power up your Smartphone. These Apps end up using your phone memory and eventually slowing your Android phone down.

How to fix the Issue: Restart your phone and go to Settings > Apps > Running for a list of all running Apps in your Smartphone. Uninstall or disable all the Apps that you don’t use anymore.

Periodically check this list to filter out more Apps that may be loading up your system resources.

Not enough memory

With time you will load your Android phone with Apps and Files such as Mp3’s and Videos. You may not be having any use for such files and they, therefore, just lie there gobbling up some of your precious storage space.

Most Android devices have a cache partition which stores the files that you frequently access. The cache files use a significant amount of your Android phone space, and if left unchecked, it can become clogged with junk, resulting to slow performance.

How to fix it the Issue: Check your phone memory status. Consider deleting Apps and files that take too much space yet you no longer need them. Also clear the cache to free ROM space or perform a factory reset to start with a clean and like-new Android phone. The more space you can spare the better.

Also, there is the Cache Cleaner App, this App will go through all your files stored on your handset and advise you on what are some of the files that you may need to delete. I remember clearing about 2 GB of Data on just the initial run of this App.

Outdated Operating System updates and use of Resource- Intensive Apps

The speed by which new versions of Android and new apps are developed maybe too much for many users to keep up with. It’s no surprise therefore that the device you are using may be too old for the current Android version in the market.

Device makers and app developers may carry out over-the-air updates in an effort of providing the latest version of the Android operating system and apps to their users.

But sometimes these updates may not be suitable for your old device as they may be optimized for the latest version of Smartphone and thus slowing your old Smartphone even further.

How to fix the issue: You may not have much to do here since some of these updates are automatic. But you can consider installing a custom Rom to upgrade your phone to the latest version of Android.

You should also avoid heavy apps such as Graphic Intensive Games and look for Lightweight Alternatives that are compatible with the existing hardware.

There could be other reasons behind the under performance of your Android Smartphone. The above four are some of the common reasons behind such an issue.

If the problem persists, you might have ‘outgrown’ your Android Smartphone, and you may start saving up for a more powerful one.

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