ASUS unveils the VivoWatch; a Smartwatch with a 10-Day Battery Life

April 14, 2015
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Let’s face it, smartwatches are the in-thing when it comes to wearable gadgetry. But like all other smart gadgets, they face the terror of battery life. But not ASUS’ Upcoming beauty dubbed ‘VivoWatch’ which will be having a 10 day battery life

[image]New ASUS VivoWatch With 10-Day Batt at Just £149

These superb addition to Asus Smartwatch family was unveiled at Milan Design Week and get this, it costs just £149. That is way more convenient than what you pay for most of the other brands and for poorer batt life

The VivoWatch is more dedicated to fitness and health. It has some superior tracking systems that monitor your sleep patterns and your workouts trends.

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To make it even better, it is water and dust resistant. It has an incorporated heart rate monitor which will gladly keep your calories in check

Tracked data can then be synced with an app and web interface which was specifically created by Asus themselves. The app is called ASUS HiVivo and the other ASUS Healthcare.

The VivoWatch comes with a smooth glass face and a clean stainless steel casing. The strap is made of rubber and feels quite cheap. Other than that, there is little else known facts about the specs.


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