[image]Oppo Rumored To Be Working On 5-Minutes Charge Smartwatch

Oppo Rumored To Be Working on a 5-Minutes Charge Smartwatch

March 10, 2015
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Ever since the advent of high performance mobile devices, there has been one major problem in the industry; battery!! That’s why Oppo are gearing to come up with a 5-minutes charge smartwatch.

[image]Oppo Rumored To Be Working On 5-Minutes Charge Smartwatch

Oppo have followed suit in the footsteps of the giants in the game like Samsung and Motorola, with their ongoing development in battery technology and quick charge innovations that birthed VOOC.

VOOC, Oppo’s quick charge technology is already implemented in some of their popular devices such as Find 7, N3 and R5. This tech allows the Find 7 to charge up to 75% in just 30 minutes.

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Generally smartwatches do not come equipped with high power battery with most of them falling between 300mAh and 700mAh. Therefore it is an achievable goal to achieve 5-minute charge times.

Considering the brilliant strides that Oppo have made in their VOOC, it won’t be long until they officially announce this rumored android wear gadget. Sure enough if it achieves the charge goal, it is going to make serious waves in the market.

Other than the 5-minute charge rumor, there is rarely any other info leaked on the gadget. But it is almost certain that it will be running on Android wear or a similar proprietary OS.


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