Phablets blamed for the scary decline in Tablet sales

October 30, 2015
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Tablet sales have been on a steady decline in the past four quarters.

Data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) has shown a decline in the sales of the top three tablet vendors i.e. Apple, Samsung and Lenovo.

The situation is worrying considering that developed tablet markets, namely North America, Western Europe and Asia are reaching what the IDC describes as a ‘Saturation Level’.


According to IDC, there are an estimated 581.9 million tablets already in the market. The number will only get larger with time meaning that the demand for tablet is expected to slump further.

IDC attributes the decline in the tablet sales to the long life cycle of tablets and the emerging threat of Phablets. Phablet take a strategic position between smartphones and tablets and thus buyers are less motivated to buy the tablets.

Furthermore, there has been an influx of Laptop-Tablet Hybrids. Laptop-tablet hybrids are Laptops PCs with detachable displays and hence can serve as a traditional laptop as well as a tablet.

IDC projects a rapid rise of the Laptop-Tablet hybrids in the coming months.


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