Samsung ordered to pay Apple $120 million in a Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Samsung ordered to pay Apple $120 million i...

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A jury in the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit has ordered that Samsung pays Apple $120 million from a patent infringement lawsuit. The $120 million figure

Samsung shifts crazy shipment volume figures in Q1 2014

Samsung Dominates Smartphone Sales Volume f...

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Figures just released by the International Data Corporation [IDC], confirmed that Samsung is indeed the don of the Smartphone world. The South Korean Tech giant

Important Update: How to Withdraw from Skrill to M-Pesa in Seconds

How to Withdraw from Skrill to M-Pesa in Se...

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I had previously written a blog post lamenting my frustrations with the Skrill to M-Pesa service. However, I can confirm that the Skrill to M-Pesa

Skrill (Moneybookers) to M-Pesa Withdrawal ...

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Read the updated Skrill to Mpesa withdrawal guide here The Skrill to M-Pesa withdrawal service is the next big thing after the PayPal-Equity Bank partnership. M-Pesa

Withdraw From PayPal via Equity Bank Paypal...

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PayPal is arguably the best international E-payment service on the planet. It is swift, safe and has some of the lowest transaction fees. Previously, it

The Youngest Tech-Biz Millionaires

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Becoming a millionaire is probably among the most sort after goal by humans on earth. However, most people hardly get over the initial hurdle of

N-Soko Deals Review: An Actual Buyer’...

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N-Soko Deals is a recently launched ecommerce service that is dubbed ‘Kenya’s Favorite M-mall’. Apart from the occasional gaze I gave to its adverts that

skrill money brookers

Top Ten Reasons Why MoneyBookers (Skrill) i...

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Receiving earnings from your freelancing contracts is probably the strongest motivation for any freelancer. I have been freelancing for about two years now and to