[image] Smartphone Processors Everything to know

Here is why we don’t really need octa-cor...

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This post is based on an answer by Glyn Williams to the question “Do we really need octacore CPUs in our smart phones?” that appeared

[image] Vape Smartphone

This Smartphone features an inbuilt Vape an...

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Vaporcade, a US-Based Vape company, has developed a smartphone that comes with an inbuilt Vape. For those not familiar with the term, Vaping is a

[image] Infinix Zero3 Unboxing_6

Infinix Zero3: Unboxing & First Impres...

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The Infinix Zero3 is now officially available in Kenya. The Zero3 is the latest Android Smartphone from Infinix Mobility to hit the Kenyan market. The

[image] Why Nokia Cherry-picked the Windows Phone vs Android

Why Nokia cherry-picked Windows Phone inste...

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This post is based on an answer by Glyn Williams to the question “Why did Nokia choose Windows for its phone and not Android? And

[image] Infinix Note 2 Pros

14 Days with the Infinix Note 2; What I lik...

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The Infinix Note 2 launched slightly over two weeks ago and has been one of the most popular smartphones in Kenya having in fact sold


Infinix Note 2: Unboxing

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You must have now be aware that the Infinix Note 2 is now available in Kenya. Well, if you are yet to get that memo,


Safaricom Open Day December 2015: Hot Deals...

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The December 2015 Edition of the Safaricom Open Day is now officially here. The Open Day presents an excellent opportunity to fish the best Smartphone

Smartphone Operating Systems Everything to know

Facts About Smartphone Operating Systems

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Smartphones are now largely classified according to the operating systems they run. To those not familiar with the term smartphone operating system, it is a

[image] Smartphone Processors Everything to know

Facts About Smartphone Processors

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Smartphone Processors are almost similar to the CPUs that you find on Laptops and Desktops. However, they differ from traditional CPUs mainly due to their architecture.

[image] Smartphone Displays everything you need to know

Facts About Smartphone Displays

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The display is one of the most conspicuous components of a smartphone. The size and sophistication of a display will in most instances define the

[image] How Japanese Girls influenced the development of water-resistant Smartphones

How Japanese Girls influenced the developme...

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The concept of a smartphone being water resistant is a relatively new idea. Come to think about it, most will purchase water-proof smartphones to cover

[image] shopping on

I shopped on and the experience ...

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You most probably have heard about Rupu. If you haven’t heard about the online deals website, let me take a moment to brief you on

[image] Power Banks Kenya Online

5 Things you need to know about Buying Powe...

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Smartphones have become extremely powerful. Battery technology has sadly grown at a slightly slower pace that smartphones and with that we have on a daily


Everything Kenyans need to know about Smart...

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We need our smartphone cases as much as we need our smartphones. Smartphone cases enhance the durability dimension of our smartphones and that’s the principal


What your Phone says about you

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A while back, I posted an interesting article about a study that decoded the traits of smartphone users based on the type of smartphones they