[image] Reasons why some Executives Still Prefer feature phones

Reasons why some Executives Still Prefer Dumb Phones

September 11, 2014
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Smartphones have fast evolved from being devices exclusive for communication to Swiss Army Style tools that can accomplish a range of complex tasks in micro-seconds.

Technology has in the recent past powered the bulk of business processes and it is now very common to see business executives sporting large-screened multi-core CPU devices.

However, in this charade of ‘what my phone can do’ there is interestingly a clique of executives who prefer their bulky and outdated devices to fancy Smartphones such as the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

For instance, Martin Schulz a prominent German Politician and current President of the European Parliament prefers the Nokia 6310 as his primary tool of communication.

[image] Reasons why some Executives Still Prefer feature phones

Martin Schulz is not alone as other prominent personalities such Philip Green and Julian Dunkerton, who both are extremely wealthy, still prefer ‘dumb’ phones.

When Dunkerton was asked about why he still holds to technology that most consider obsolete, he had an interesting response to that.

Most Feature/Dumb phones are durable and can take quite a beating compared to the delicate touch screened Smartphone you are probably reading this from. Nokia phones in particular, are globally famous for their amazing build quality.

Nokia Phones have in the past saved the life of its owner in Syria as well as taking the bullet (literally) for an off-duty cop in Sao Paulo. In addition to their awesome durability aspect dumb phones have long lasting batteries and can last for days on business trips.

‘Dumb phones’ also to some extent tend to bring back the humanity in people. Have you also noticed how difficult is it to have a normal conversation?

A meeting with your mum can become just plainly frustrating to her as she watches you reply to WhatsApp texts, Tweets and Emails. So frustrating that Steve Jobs, a prominent Tech Leader, limited the number of devices his kid owned.

To quote Julian Dunkerton sentiments about dumb phones “I’m not bombarded with emails every minute, allowing me to deal with the crucial stuff.” This is a win for productivity.

Dumb Phones may actually make you smarter while your Smartphones may be the reason behind the significant (though unnoticeable) loss of some of your IQ points.


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