[image]Safaricom Dropping New Data Bundles Today

Safaricom to introduce 90-Day Data Bundles Packages

March 6, 2015
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Safaricom have been receiving an influx of complaints on their social media platforms about some of their data bundles provisions revision that they did lately.

[image]Safaricom Dropping New Data Bundles Today

Bob Collymore has promised to look into the matter and find a review that will make the service better offered to their millions of customers in a twitter post. This is after recently launched data bundles caused much outcry from the subscribers

Safaricom intends on launching a data bundle that will have a 90 days lifetime without roll over to complement their daily data bundles.

Even after this review, no word has been put forward regarding Safaricom’s latest review on data bundles Sambaza rates. You can now only Sambaza 10MB at a time and even so the day’s maximum is 20MB.

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The bundles Sambaza service was incredibly popular with resellers who buy the data in bulk cheaply and later sell it out in smaller packets to make a profit. But now Safaricom wants to look at this as an emergency service and not a way for the people to make money from.

The alleged new services will be made in the day and by tonight the data menu will be updated. As more updates role into action, we will be keeping you updated.

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