Safaricom Tricks 101 Buy Cheap Safaricom Data Bundles Online

Safaricom Tricks 101: Buy Cheap Safaricom Data Bundles Online

March 24, 2014
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Update: Safaricom drops Data Bundle Sambaza limit to 10MB; Kills ‘Bundle Mwitu’

Safaricom offers one of the best cellular data services in Kenya. In fact, one of the core reasons why I remain loyal to Safaricom is their excellent 3G internet coverage and their flawless M-Pesa service.

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However, Safaricom data bundles do not come cheap. Moderate cellular data users may not feel the pinch of buying Safaricom Data Bundles. Flipping the coin, internet junkies have their inbox filled with the annoying ‘Data Bundle Balance Below 2MB’ text from Safaricom.

Smartphones are getting powerful with each new model release. There is little logic to go out of your way to purchase a decent Smartphone only to juggle your Data connection on and off. Fortunately, there is a quick solution to this.

I bet you have seen on your Facebook timeline Ads relating to purchasing Safaricom Data Bundles online. I ignored most of those Ads as most required payment via a personal M-Pesa Account as opposed to a business account.

However, one Ad recently grabbed my attention. The service used a Till number as opposed depositing to an M-Pesa account. A Till number legitimized the service offered by Raini Consultants.

I decided to dive right into the offer. Their service is straightforward, and this was impressive. Here is a breakdown to how the service works

Step #1

Head to

Safaricom Tricks 101 Buy Cheap Safaricom Data Bundles Online

Step #2

The Website has a simple layout and anyone who can read and type can order the data bundles online. Input your details in the provided fields and choose the amount of data bundles you would like to purchase.

Double-check your phone number to avoid an unnecessary mix-up. Thereafter, click on the make payment button.

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Here is a quick comparison between the prices of data bundles offered by Safaricom and those offered by Raini consultants.

Data Bundle AmountSafaricom Raini Consultants
200 MBKsh 250-
500 MBKsh 500Ksh 300
1.5 GBksh 1,000Ksh 900
3 GBKsh 1,999Ksh 1,800

Step #3

Here is where you will make the payment for the data bundles you wish to purchase. To pay using the Till number head to M-Pesa–> Lipa na M-Pesa –>Buy Goods and Services –>Enter Till Number

After paying for the data bundles, you will get an M-Pesa message confirming your payment has gone through to the Raini Consultants Account. Soon afterwards, you will receive a text from Raini Consultants (HAWLAST) confirming your order.

Moments later (average 3 to 5 minutes), you will receive the exact data bundle amount you ordered. The Raini Consultant guys sambaza you the amount of Data Bundle you ordered.

Safaricom Tricks 101 Buy Cheap Safaricom Data Bundles Online

I have used the Raini Consultants Data Bundle service for some time now and it is faultless. They also have a support number to call in case of any difficulty.


Just like my experience with N-Soko Deals, the above review is from an actual purchase. No shill talk, just something I think more Kenyans should know about. The service is great and will save you a couple of coins in the long run.

The only not so cool feature about the service is that you can only purchase a minimum of 200 MB. This is in contrast purchasing as little as 5 MB from Safaricom. In a country where masses earn less than a dollar per day, 200 bob may just be too much.

Feel free to drop your thought on the service in the comment section below.

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  • The other downside is they get the Bonga points and not you. Plus the extra data “Night Shift Data” that Safaricom usually allocates with purchases above 1k. If you look closely, this is a clever business not in any way beneficial to the end user when viewed broadly. However from a not-so wide angle, anyone will fall for it. I’ve always seen those Facebook merchants. They do make a lot of money and they have lots of customers engaging them but as with always anything cheap, the catch is there for everyone to see.

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    • Hi Emmanuel,

      Yeah, there is that. The Night Shift Data is cool and missing out on the Bonga points is a major pain. However, you achieve some significant cost savings when purchasing some bundle amounts. For example, 500 MB is Ksh 300 with Raini and Ksh 500 with Safcom, you save some Ksh 200.

      A small amount to some but remember we are in a country where people live on less than a buck per day.
      The Night Shift Data from Safaricom isn’t entirely perfect, the 10 pm to 10 am slot is tricky (I sleep early and wake up late) and mine often just waste away.

      I had a similar attitude towards these bundles guys, but what stood out with Raini ni hawana ufala, plain and simple. Like if i want bundles, i get the bundles and i get the bundles fast. They may be benefiting yes, buy my concern ends at me saving a couple of coins after each purchase.

      Think about it, either way, Safaricom still gets your cheddah.

      Personally, its all about solidarity, i’d rather go with the dude who decided to go an extra mile and create a website to sell bundles online.

      I would advise that you try them out first. After all if the bundles bundles are for productivity reasons, you wont feel any of that ‘OMG, i am missing the bonga points’

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  • Njeri

    Thank you for the balanced simplified review. Will be trying it out. I don’t care much for bonga points unless am stuck somewhere with no airtime, no Mpesa or shop nearby.

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    • Thanks

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  • DwEEzlE wEEzlE

    so,, whats de till number thou…

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