Samsung Mobile is working towards Biometric Protection in entry level devices

Samsung Mobile is working towards introducing Biometric Protection in entry level devices

May 19, 2014
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Samsung is looking to expand the use of Biometric Protection to more of its devices. This is all in the efforts to strengthen their mobile security systems. Samsung Mobile expects that such technology will soon be available for users using mid-range and low-end Samsung devices.

Currently, Biometric sensors are exclusive to the Galaxy S5, Samsung’s 2014 flagship device. They are, however, rumors that Samsung will include a fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy Tab S line, an upcoming line of premium Android tablets.

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Samsung further added that biometric systems will not be limited to Fingerprint Scanners as the company is active on including other advanced security mechanisms such as Iris Recognition.

“We’re looking at various types of biometric [mechanisms] and one of the things that everybody is looking at is iris detection,” Rhee In-Jong, Samsung’s Senior vice president.

Biometrics seems to be the new trend for the South Korean Tech Giant as it seeks to woo the Corporate world to its proprietary Samsung Knox Mobile Enterprise Software.

The announcement comes at a time when the UK Government certified the use of a couple of Samsung Devices running Samsung Knox for its agencies.

With 1.8 million active devices out of about 86 million that come embedded with Samsung Knox, Samsung Mobile has a long way to go before achieving the mass use of its mobile Security platform.

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  • Not bad, but i think they need to include more features as the fingerprint scanner alone is nothing and can be faked

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    • Yeah, most definitely, Iris Recognition is also cool and futuristic for Smartphones. The security aspect is quite important since Smartphones are gradually becoming sort of mobile wallets. However, personally, i am of the opinion that anything that will eliminate the pain of typing in passwords is totally awesome! After all, my Samsung does not hold nuclear warheads launch codes (i don’t know about yours). Having military grade security systems on your phone is just being paranoid.

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      • Good point Kevin, but think about this, since the world is moving to fingerprint scanners – which includes the Atm’s – how secure will this scanners be? if a hacker breaks into your phone you are done. he can get your login information plus your password which is now your fingerprint image..

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        • Yeah, stuff concerning the safety of your money is no joke. Fingerprint technology is gradually becoming a low hanging fruit for hackers.

          However, nothing seems to be completely ultra proof these days. Hackers are finding ways to hack even into iris recognition systems through the use of contact lenses.

          Human beings are running out of unique biological traits to secure systems. Security systems are getting complex after each update, humans are getting smarter after each Google Search (close to 6 billion per day).

          Currently, the only line of defense we can at least rely on is the two factor authorization for critical accounts.

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