Samsung Reports Market Share Loss [H1 2014]

Samsung now the Top Vendor of LTE Smartphones

August 25, 2014
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Samsung has beaten its closest rival, Apple Inc., to become the leading vendor of LTE smartphones in the world. The South Korean Tech Giant was able to shift over 28.6 Million LTE devices in Q2 2014.

Apple was for long the top Smartphone vendor for LTE devices and the company had a 40.5% market share. Their market share has dropped a bit and the Cupertino Tech Company now has a 31.9 percent market share.

Samsung Reports Market Share Loss [H1 2014]

Some industry watchers attribute that Samsung’s imposing dominance in the LTE segment of the market is primarily due to its expansive line of LTE Smart devices.

Unlike Apple which specifically targets the high-end Smartphone market, Samsung is not limited to such constraints. You can find LTE on a high-end, mid-range and even in some cases, budget Samsung Smartphones.

LTE devices are at the moment, mostly concentrated in the American, European, and South Korean markets. There are however, plans to expand the LTE infrastructure in India and China.


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