[image]Samsung premium materials

Samsung to focus more on the use of Premium Materials on its devices

March 13, 2015
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Samsung has adopted a change in its strategy and now plans to use more premium materials on its upcoming devices.

Samsung for long had a preference for polycarbonate construction for its devices, but is now more open to using premium materials.

[image]Samsung premium materials

The South Korean based Tech giant has confirmed that it will increase its use of metal casings, slim designs as well high-definition displays in its upcoming Smartphones.

The Galaxy Alpha was the first Samsung device to feature a premium design. The company, however, killed the Galaxy Alpha in 2014 and replaced the device with the Samsung Galaxy A series, a range of metallic mid-range Smartphones.

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge are the first premium Samsung devices. The two devices are expected to tighten the vendors’ hold on the high-end Smartphone segment.

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