Latest Samsung Smartphones Available in Kenya

January 25, 2016
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Samsung is currently the leading smartphone brand in the world. Samsung also has the largest portfolio of Android smartphones on the market.

Check out an updated list of latest Samsung Smartphones Available in Kenya (Prices are in Ascending Order)

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Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace


The Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace is a variant of the Galaxy J1.

Price: Ksh. 8,999

Smartphones Specifications

Samsung Galaxy J1



The Samsung Galaxy is the most affordable Samsung 4G smartphones available in Kenya.

Price: Ksh. 9,999

Smartphones Specifications

Samsung Galaxy J2

The Samsung Galaxy J2 is a 4.7-inch smartphone and a bridge between the Galaxy J1 and Galaxy J5.

Price: Ksh. 12,999

Samsung Galaxy J5


The Samsung Galaxy J5 is an awesome mid-range smartphone and among the few Samsung smartphones with a front-facing LED flash.

Price: Ksh. 19,999

Smartphones Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A3

[image] Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) Price Kenya

The Samsung Galaxy A3 is the most affordable smartphone from the Galaxy A Range.

Price: Ksh. 20,999

Smartphones Specifications

Samsung Galaxy J7



The Samsung Galaxy J7 is the best smartphone from the Galaxy J range.

Price: Ksh. 26,999

Smartphones SpecificationsSamsung Galaxy A5


The Samsung Galaxy A5 is an awesome metallic smartphone optimized for social networking.

Price: Ksh. 29,999

Smartphones Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A7

[Image] Samsung Galaxy A7 Best Price in Kenya

The Samsung Galaxy A7 is one of the best Samsung mid-range premium smartphone.

Price: Ksh. 44,000

Smartphones Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A8

[image] Samsung Smartphones in Kenya

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is the current flagship smartphone of the Galaxy A range (will soon be succeeded by Galaxy A9)

Price: Ksh. 48,000

Smartphones Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S6 (Flat)


The Galaxy S6 is Samsung’s 2015 flagship smartphone and still one of the best smartphone on the market.

Price: Ksh. 59,999

Smartphones Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge)


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a variant of the Galaxy S6, but with a curved display.

Price: Ksh. 70, 799

Samsung Galaxy Note5


The Samsung Galaxy Note5 is the current flagship smartphone of the premium Galaxy Note series.

Price: Ksh. 84,999

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