Send Money online to Kenya M-Pesa

How to Send Money online to Kenya from a Credit Card to M-Pesa

August 11, 2014
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[Image]Credit Card or Debit Card to M-Pesa

M-Pesa has completely revolutionized micro payments in Kenya.

A SIM Card is a Micro-bank account in Kenya and anyone with a registered Safaricom Line can send and receive money even from basic feature phones.

Most folks focus on the use of M-Pesa exclusively through one Safaricom Line to another, nothing more.

Most are completely unaware of how they can harness the true power of M-Pesa to make their lives and the lives of people around them better and more productive.

One way to do this is by sending cash from your Credit/Debit Card to an M-Pesa account.

When I say a Debit/Credit card, I mean all major brands like VISA, American Express, MasterCard and many more others.

Before we get into the magic of how someone in the US, Australia or the UK can send money from their credit/debit card to a friend Lokichoggio, Kenya, you first need to be familiarized with the Skrill service.

Skrill is a UK Based global e-commerce business, and I have worked with Skrill for the last five years and thus, I can authoritatively state that they are the real deal. Skrill is, in fact, the best alternatives in countries where PayPal withdrawals don’t work fast enough.

Why Skrill, you may ask? Well, Skrill has this awesome Skrill to M-Pesa service that facilitates the sending of cash from a Skrill account directly to the recipient’s M-Pesa account.

In order to use the Skrill service, you need to create a free account. You will later on be required to verify your account in order to increase your cash transaction limits.

Creating a free Skrill account is a breeze and with a couple of clicks you will be done.

[Image] CreditDebit Card to an M-Pesa Account

With that done, you need to load up some cash to your Skrill account. That’s where your Debit and Credit card jump in. Loading up funds to your Skrill account is more like making an online purchase via your Debit or Credit, no extra documents required.

It is crucial to note that Skrill is pretty serious about keeping the bad guys out of their platform and for that reason you may be required to verify your Skrill Account as well as your identity.

If met with an account verification prompt, choose verification by Credit/Debit Card.

Skrill will charge up a small (Random) amount from your Credit/Debit card. Once Skrill charges your credit card, check your Debit/Credit card statement and input the exact amount to verify that you own that card.

Once you are done with account verification, and you have your Credit/Debit card all linked up, all what remains is sending the money from your Skrill account to an M-Pesa account.

I have written a step by step guide on how Send Money from Skrill to M-Pesa, so please check that out.

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  • Great post…very practical. How secure is Skrill…given that it is fairly unknown(reputation)

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    • Hi Frank,

      Skrill may not be the best internet money transfer company, but it’s no shrill talk when i say they can reliable. Yes, they might have some nasty review on the net, but is just part of doing business, u please some not all.

      I have used skrill for sometime (since back in the day it was called Moneybookers) and i have not lost a $ in any of my transactions with them.

      You should start slow doing business with Skrill and they might just turn out to be what exactly you were out for.

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      • Ooh, I knew MoneyBookers….The name was a bit new to me. But these are the sites where you use NationHela….where there are no strings attached.

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        • Hi Mwendwa,

          I have never used Nation Hela, but their reviews sound decent, i might check them out with time.

          For this particular topic, i wrote it from the perceptive that your are abroad e.g. UK or Russia and you would like to send money directly to a friend or a family member in Kenya.

          Nation Hela won’t be an option for that case.

          All in All, it is pretty cool that someone in the US can use his/her Mastercard to send money directly to your Smartphone with just a couple of clicks.

          Sema Cuzo wako wa Majuu kukuokolea na ka grant!

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  • Nick Mungai

    Interesting post. Personally I prefer using either mobi-remit or Sendwave (depending on the rate) but my biggest issue is when it comes to Paypal, anybody know of a way to cost-effectively and ‘instantly’ withdraw money from Paypal?

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  • skrill is good until the day they decide to freeze your account then start asking for random documents. There was a time they asked me for my birth certificate

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