Shatter Proof Displays

Shatter Proof Smartphone Displays now a Reality

June 9, 2014
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One of the most annoying things about Smartphone is their brittle display. The thought of a shattered display pops in our minds every time our Smartphones slip and hit the floor.

Well, this is soon set to end after a brilliant discovery on how to make Smartphone displays shatter proof. Yu Zhu, an Assistant Professor at Akron University has with his team discovered a transparent electrode that will greatly increase the durability of Smartphones displays.

A layer of the electrode is enough to increase the toughness and the durability of the Smartphone displays. The layer will also provide smartphone users with state of the art performance in terms of responsiveness and sensitivity.

“They can withstand repeated scotch tape peeling and various bending tests. The method for making the metal nanowire is scalable, and a touch screen on flexible substrate is demonstrated” – Yu Zhu

Our Smartphone displays currently use Indium Tin Oxide, an expensive yet brittle substance used as a protective coating. The new film by the Akron University Team is, therefore, the perfect competitor as it is tougher yet cheaper.

The new film may be just what we need to ditch screen protectors. It will be interesting to see if this awesome concept will attract Smartphone Manufacturers.

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