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The Three Prominent Strengths of the Samsung Galaxy S5 [Why you should buy it]

July 27, 2014
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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the unofficial Don on the Android operating system.

The Galaxy S5 has some of the most sophisticated features ever found on a Smartphone and is indeed one of the finest Smartphones in the market right now.

A lot has already been said about the Samsung Galaxy S5.

However, very little of that focus on the exact reason you should leave the other Flagship smartphones in the market and go for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Here are the three prominent strengths of the Samsung Galaxy S5


The Samsung Galaxy S5 Display is one of the highlight features of the Android OS King. The Display is an important aspect of any device.

Samsung knows how to create great Smartphones displays, and the Galaxy S5 is evidence enough of their workmanship. The 1080p display on the S5 may not be the best we have in the market (there are a few 2K displays), but it is worth every single penny.

Samsung knows this, and it even bragged about it. It is, however, worthwhile to mention that Display Mate gave the Samsung Galaxy S5 display the highest possible rating.

[Image] should i buy the samsung galaxy s5

Battery Performance

The Battery performance of a device is very important.

It will make no sense to have a fancy device with some crappy battery performance. The Samsung Galaxy S5 battery performance was, in fact, one of the features that was underscored during its official launch.

Its inbuilt battery saving mode has won over the hearts of many techies, and it actually works. Check out this video that explains the workings of the ultra-saving mode of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Build Quality

Smartphone manufacturers have been active in the course of making their devices tougher and able to take anything we throw at them.

Previous Samsung flagship devices came with ‘a handle with care’ tag and often they couldn’t bear hardcore mistreatment.

[Image] should i buy the samsung galaxy s5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is, however, a completely different species.

The Galaxy S5 comes with IP67 certification, which means that it is both water and dust resistant.

Hey, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is such as Badass that it once fought off a nasty hammer attack from a mean nerd.

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