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Silent Circle Drops New Blackphone 2 And Tablet At MWC

March 2, 2015
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Privacy and secrecy is a big aspect of human lives. With this in mind Silent Circle, brought us Blackphone 1 which claimed the tittle as the most secure phone to have. Well,  they will be unveiling Blackphone 2 and a tablet dubbed Blackphone +

[IMAGE]Silent Circle Drops New Blackphone 2 And Tablet At MWC

Silent Circle promises an even tighter security with the new upgrade. Specswise it runs on an updated 64-bit octa core. A 5.5” 1080p HD display covered in Gorilla glass 3 will be enough to protect from physical damage while delivering stunning image performance

It has LTE support with 3GB RAM and gets its juice from a replaceable 3600mAh. The only thing we know about the bigger brother is its 7” display and runs on a Qualcomm chip

To make things really secure, it has a PrivatOS 1.1 with Spaces UI which allows different aspects of the Android experience to be separated. You can therefore setup different logins for different areas on the phone . The Blackphone 1 allegedly sold units worth $750 Million.

Co-founder, Mike Janke said that their success was heavily due to the fact that governments are snooping too much into people’s private lives with hacking and data mining. He also added that his company will be knocking BlackBerry out of the market.


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