[image] Smartphone Displays everything you need to know

Facts About Smartphone Displays

November 11, 2015
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The display is one of the most conspicuous components of a smartphone. The size and sophistication of a display will in most instances define the value of a smartphone.

There are five major different types of smartphone display. They include;

TFT Displays

Thin-film-transistor (TFT) is one the oldest forms of LCD display technology. TFT displays are commonly found in low-end smartphones since they are cheap to manufacture.

The main demerits of TFT displays includes poor visibility while under direct sun-light and unimpressive viewing angles.

IPS LCD Displays

In-Place Switching LCD displays are an enhancement of TFT displays and they overcome most of the demerits associated with TFT displays.

Some of the core advantages of IPS LCD displays include lower power consumption and better viewing angles. IPS LCD displays are expensive to manufacture and thus are only common in mid-range and high-end smartphones.

Retina Displays

[image] Smartphone Displays everything you need to know

A Retina Display is a fancy term coined by Apple to refer to a display that has more than 300 ppi screen resolution density. The term Retina Display is patented by Apple and thus can only be found on Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad.

Amoled Displays

The Amoled display technology is one of the latest forms of display technologies. An Amoled display is a hybrid that combines TFT and OLED display properties.

The core advantage of Amoled displays is that they deliver better color accuracy and that they consume much less energy compared to the other forms of display technology.

Super-Amoled Displays

[image] Smartphone Displays All you need to know

A Super-Amoled display is a term coined by Samsung for its proprietary display technology. Super-Amoled displays are an enhancement of Amoled displays and they feature an integrated touch sensor.

Super Amoled displays are regarded as the best smartphone displays due to their enhanced touch sensitivity, enhanced color accuracy as well as greater outdoor visibility.

Samsung has also unveiled an improved version of the Super Amoled display dubbed Super Amoled Plus and is considered the display of the future.

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