[image]Sony reportedly considering selling its weak mobile division

Sony is open to selling off its weak mobile division

January 14, 2015
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Sony is reportedly considering selling its under-performing mobile division. A recent report by Reuters, revealed that Sony was open to options that include sales and joint ventures for is TV and Mobile division.

2014 was generally a nasty year for Sony after the company reported a $762 million operating loss in its Q3 2014 report.

[image]Sony reportedly considering selling its weak mobile division

The mobile division was one of the loss-making segment of the company and this could be the reason behind the drastic measures.

Sony had in 2014 announced that it would be discontinuing its entry-level and mid-range devices in preference of high-end devices but this strategy doesn’t seem to be enough.

Kota Ezawa, Citigroup analyst, adds that Sony is quickly running out of options on what to do with its failing TV and Mobile division. He further added that a drastic overhaul of the two divisions is necessary to return the two units back to profitability.


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