[Image] Super lithium ion battery

Next Generation Super Li-on Batteries to last up to Three Times longer

July 28, 2014
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Mediocre battery life is one of the common annoyance with most Smartphones.

This could, however, be a thing of the past after researchers at Stanford University figured out a way to make Li-on batteries last twice or thrice longer from a single charge.

[Image] Super lithium ion battery

A team led by Steven Chu, a former secretary of energy, exploited nanotechnology to come up with a new lithium battery that can hold current for much longer periods.

The process involves the use of denser and more efficient Lithium at the anode and the use of nanoscopic carbon to minimize decay.

Through this, the Li-on batteries last longer and are safer.

The potential of this kind of technology is unlimited. Other than the possibility of Smartphones and Tablets having battery packs that could last for days or even weeks, the technology could see much use the in the Auto industry.

If such a concept is integrated with the rapid charging technology seen on Tesla rides, it could lead to electric vehicles with much longer mileage.

The Next Generation Li-Ion batteries could in fact Power the future.


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