Tecno-Phantom-A-+ Price in Kenya

Techno Phantom A+ (Plus) Review and Price in Kenya

February 3, 2014
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The Techno Phantom A was a great phone; it took over the emerging Smartphone markets of Kenya and Nigeria by storm. Heck! Analytics stats show that the Techno Phantom Review was one of the most read gadget reviews on this blog.

Enough with the history, let’s now focus on the present. The present is the Techno Phantom A+. Consumers asked for more, and Techno listened and decided to give the masses ‘an experience of a smart life’. The hype that came with the Techno Phantom A+ was amazing. Just a few month sales catapulted the device into the top selling list of a major online Smartphone retailer.

Quitting the biz talk, let’s jump onto our ‘cosa nostra’. Here is a review of the Techno Phantom A+ Smartphone.

Tecno-Phantom-A-+ Price in Kenya


The Tecno Phantom A+ still has the 5-Inch 16-million color capacitive touchscreen. This is exactly similar to the one found on the Techno Phantom A. The display still has a 720 x 1280 pixels resolution and a 296-ppi resolution density.

The Techno Phantom A+ still lacks screen protection despite Techno marketing it under the banner of ‘an improved Techno Phantom A’. Screen protection is gradually becoming common in many mid-range devices and Techno should read from that script.

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Body and Design

Techno Mobile maintained the svelte design of the Techno Phantom A on the Phantom A+. The phone, therefore, still has a chassis measuring 143.5 x 70.8 x 9.1mm. To top it all, Techno bundled a leather flip cover for the Techno Phantom A+.

Technical Specifications

The line of distinction between the Techno Phantom A and the Techno Phantom A+ becomes thicker upon the technical strip down of the device. Whereas the Techno Phantom A comes with a 1.2GHz Dual-Core CPU, the Tecno Phantom A+ has a 1.2GHz Quad-Core CPU.

Therefore, there is a significant surge in the performance of the Techno Phantom A+. The Phantom A+ can now load up Intensive games and Apps with relative ease. The occasional lag that was characteristic of the Phantom A is non-existent in the Phantom A+.

With a Goliath of a CPU, the Techno Phantom is now at the same level with the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone in terms of CPU power.

The Techno Phantom A+ still has 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory. The Tech specs therefore strike the elusive balance between price and features.In addition, another important dissimilarity between the two devices is the operating system.

Whilst the Phantom A comes with Android Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, the Phantom A+ comes with Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. The OS change in The Phantom A+ has brought in extra features that were notably absent on the Phantom A.


On the Multimedia aspects of the device, the Phantom A+ has an 8MP rear camera plus a 1.2 Front facing camera. The handset still has an LED flash and optical zoom. The snapper takes some decent images even though images sometime appear washed out in particular light settings.

Battery Life

The Techno Phantom A+ still has 2100mAh battery similar to that found in its surrogate. A 2100MAh battery is amazing and hard to find on mid-range devices. The battery packs in enough juice to take you through a day or two.

Additionally, Techno includes its famous Power Bank to keep your device all juiced up even when you are a distance apart from the mains.

Tech Trends Diary Verdict

My prediction about Techno Mobile was accurate to the letter. We should indeed expect more from the Chinese Manufacturer. From a personal perspective, the Techno Phantom A+ is a ‘pro’ version of the Phantom A.

Samsung fan boys took jabs at the inferior CPU of the Techno Phantom A.With that, most considered it second rate to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Some even equated it to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

Techno orchestrated the perfect ‘revenge for the nerds’ move and gave the device just what it was missing.Considering cost, the Phantom A+ is an amazing phone and gives a feel of a premium handset that is elusive in most mid-range devices.

However, I am Kenyan, thus; I just have to complain. Hey Techno Mobile, it would have been nice if the phone came with at least 8GB of internal memory.

Tech Trends Diary Rating

Techno Phantom A+: [usr 8.6]


Competitors of the Techno Phantom A+ include, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, the Samsung Galaxy Core and those willing to aboard the Windows 8 ship, the Nokia 720 (Awesome battery life)

Pricing in Kenya

Currently, The Techno Phantom has a suggested retail price of Ksh 19,000 price tag.

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