TED Talk of the week: Sir Ken Robinson discusses why schools are killing our creativity

May 25, 2014
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One of the common features with most Public education systems is the emphasis on always being right. You go through your school life frightened of being wrong and thus grow up afraid of making mistakes well into your adult life.

Stigmatizing mistakes is one of the reasons why we have extremely creative people in the world feeling like complete failures. The public education system is driving creativity out of people and thus there is a need to radicalize our view of education.

This is just a sneak peak into an awesome TED Talk by Ken Robinson. Sir Ken is an accomplished writer, speaker and a strong proponent of focusing Education in the arts.

This particular TED Talk focuses on why the current public education system needs some radical restructuring. He discusses why most are educated that our bodies have the sole purpose of transporting our heads.

He discusses all this in a humorous tone and does this with a perfect British Accent :)

Must watch..

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